Ultimate Savoury Muffins

It was on the occasion of my dear friend Rosie’s birthday party that I first sampled a savoury muffin. I was a mere 11 months at the time, so MA-MA was still shovelling food into my mouth with a spoon, but as Rosie is a whole month older than me, the lunch provided was a little more sophisticated. After a few hours of cruising around with my new pals, lunch was served, and it was basically love at first sight. The warm, tasty, comforting muffins were DELICIOUS! I polished one off, and then started on my neighbour’s plate (snooze you lose chap), and meanwhile I noticed that MA-MA was enjoying hers just as much.

Rosie’s MA-MA was very nonchalant about these gourmet creations, and revealed the recipe had come from the genius My Lovely Little Lunchbox site. The gorgeous ladies who run it are very much in the Baby Led Weaning camp, and while MA-MA was far too much of a control freak to go down that route, preferring to measure out accurate spoonfuls of smooth mush, regardless the recipes are absolutely yummy and easy enough for even the simplest parent to master!


MA-MA and I share a savoury muffin lunch at least once a month, preferably freshly baked so the cheese oozes out and top is nice and crisp. I normally have two savoury muffins, a couple of bits of broccoli as a palate cleanser, followed by a fruit platter for dessert. Lovely.

Follow this link for the recipe. MA-MA normally uses cheddar or emmental cheese, and sometimes she adds ham. The recipe says to use a food processer, but MA-MA doesn’t have one so she just gives it a good mix by hand and everything is a-ok. The muffins freeze perfectly and travel so well, making them ideal for taking to a party or dinner on the move. Enjoy!

IMG_2668Hmm..I feel like a hearty burgundy is needed to stand up to the bold flavours in these muffins.

2 thoughts on “Ultimate Savoury Muffins

  1. We LOVE these muffins!!! Dino crams them into his mouth, although because he doesn’t yet have teeth he mainly sucks the parmesan off. His mama loves them too!


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