Friday morning breakfast challenge: 2 ingredient pancakes

Our weekday mornings follow an exact routine. MA-MA walks into my room at 7.15am where she finds me standing up in my cot with my little arms stretched out desperately reaching for her to give me….my milk. Yes, after 12+ hours of fasting, the only thing I’m interested in is eating, and woe betide anyone who enters my room empty handed. Once I’ve had a bit of milk and I’m safely strapped into my highchair, I am only capable of waiting a very limited time before my food arrives, so MA-MA has a few tried and tested breakfast options that she can make in sub-five minutes: porridge, toast and avocado and scrambled egg. Anything that takes longer is simply not tolerated!

So, we’ve decided to take on a Friday challenge of exploring some new breakfast options that are delicious yet speedy to prepare. I’m going to time exactly how long MA-MA takes to make each one, and there will be no cheating and doing it at the weekend, it has to be made during the usual weekday rush to get everyone ready for work.

MA-MA loves American-style brunch, and now she’s a veggie she’s resorted to spending hours cruising Instagram hunting for drool-worthy pics of #blueberrypancakesandstreakybacon. For our first Friday breakfast challenge, MA-MA therefore decided to whip up some easy peasy 2 ingredient pancakes, inspired by the mega-babe real food loving ladies at My Lovely Little Lunchbox, as well as countless paleo blogs MA-MA reads out of pure intrigue that anyone would cut out alcohol and pasta.

Anything with only two ingredients surely can’t take too long to make, so, it’s 7.26am, here goes:

Mash 1 ripe banana in a bowl.

Add 2 eggs and whisk (with a fork, no need to get an actual whisk out of the cupboard).

Heat some coconut oil in a frying pan and add in all the batter.

After a couple of minutes add in the blueberries, and separate the pancake into quarters with the spatula to make the next step easier.

Once the pancake quarters are nice and firm – flip ’em over!

Cook for a further minute and then serve with some extra fresh blueberries.

It’s 7.36am – done in 10 minutes exactly!!!

Ok, so technically MA-MA added in a third ingredient, but actually they were so sweet with just the banana that you totally don’t need to. Definitely no need for honey or maple syrup. MA-MA’s final product doesn’t look very neat and not at all Instagramy, but it tasted pretty good! Plus, it’s only 7.36am..if we get ready quickly we might make it to nursery in time for breakfast there too..

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