Ice lollies for breakfast? Yes please!

Our quest to find new breakfast options has become ever more pressing as I recently decided that I have to feed myself at all times, including when porridge is on the menu. This means that MA-MA either lets me spoon 1% of my Ready Brek into my mouth and the remaining 99% on my face/the walls/her freshly blow-dried hair, or it’s off the menu until my fine motor skills improve. Apparently porridge-hair isn’t a good look, so we’ve been on the hunt for something other than toast and fruit that I can eat myself.

MA-MA is pals with one of the founders of Cherish, the most stunning parenting website that is run by at group of #squadgoals ladies (check them out here, people in England just do not glow like this), who suggested we make their Healthy Breakfast Popsicles. MA-MA is a sucker for anything that a) claims to be healthy, b) can be made ahead and frozen, and c) looks pretty with an Instagram filter, so we got to work straight away.

Cherish suggests some brilliant ideas on various fruit combinations and some natural alternatives to sugar, along with a recipe for honey and peach popsicles. We were too impatient to wait for our peaches to ripen, so we went for an old BigBabyBelly favourite: blueberry, cinannmon and date. Blueberries are my absolute favourite fruit, and in my youth I loved this yummy Ella’s Kitchen date and cinnamon pud. Would this be my absolute dream combination? Let’s see…

Blueberry and Date Ice Lollies

Adapted from my good friends at Cherish.

  • 3 dates, pitted and roughly chopped
  • Cinnamon
  • 100 grams blueberries
  • Full fat greek yoghurt

Heat the dates and a splash of water over a low heat for five minutes, stirring regularly to ensure they don’t burn.

Add the blueberries to the pan, stir, and leave to simmer for 10 minutes. You’ll notice that the mixture will look and smell better the longer you leave it to cook, so don’t rush this stage! Leave the mixture to cool.

Alternate spoonfuls of Greek yoghurt and blueberry mixture into the moulds, and leave to freeze overnight.

Mmmm don’t these look pretty? But how did they taste? Basically this combination of yoghurt, blueberries and dates is VERY MA-MA, Grammy and me, so we bloody loved them! Cooking the blueberries and dates for so long makes them delicisouly sweet, and the contrast with the tart youghurt is fab. Plus MA-MA gets to feel like she is keeping up her anti-inflammatory superfood diet. You of course don’t have to have these for breakfast, but as Cherish points out us kiddies will go crazy at the thought of having an “ice cream” for breakfast, even if it is a hipster #cleaneating version. Final tip – who knows how long our Great British Summer will stick around for, so don’t waste a single morning to enjoy an ice lolly brekkie!

4 thoughts on “Ice lollies for breakfast? Yes please!

  1. Genius. Definitely giving these a go.

    Did you make the fritters? Admittedly, they won’t look as cool through an instagram filter. 😉


    1. I DID and I froze some because I’m thinking of doing a post called ‘it’s fritter time’ with our top five fritter recipes. Life doesn’t get more exciting than that!!!


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