COMPETITION! Win cupcakes from SprinkledMagic PLUS a yummy discount code

It’s always a pleasure to buy something from someone you like, and it’s even better if that someone has started a really cool small business. We are super keen to support local foodies, so we’re very happy to introduce you to Sarah from SprinkledMagic cakes.

Mama first met Sarah when she was in peak crazy mode about five months before her wedding to Daddy. “Cake” had yet to be ticked off the Excel spreadsheet, and the only options Mama had found were either insanely expensive or affordable but very boring. (As an aside, have you ever noticed that things in wedding land cost multiples of £1k? Mean trick played by wedding planners which makes “between 1 and 2” sound more palatable than “you’re going to spend between one thousand and two thousand pounds on some flowers that no one will notice”). Then, completely by chance, she came across Sarah on LinkedIn and they met up in Starbucks and Mama devoured the rose cupcakes Sarah had brought along. They were unusually delicious and not in that supersweet plasticy Hummingbird way, and Mama was so touched by Sarah’s story of starting her cake-making business from complete scratch, basically in her parents’ kitchen. Sarah made Mama and Daddy’s wedding cake, which was beautiful, such good value, and full of love, just as a wedding cake should be!


A few months later, Mama had the frankly genius idea of having a mini version made for Valentine’s Day as Daddy hadn’t actually had any at the wedding (he’d been too busy making the most of the free bar before he realised he was the one paying for it) and again it was lovely.


We’ve had a few more cakes made since then, including these fab pug cupcakes for my godmumma’s hen do while I was still a tiny tiny baby living inside Mama. The cakes always taste so light and yummy, and it’s so nice to have such a personal service.


As someone who sees her parents every day and likes to involve them in most aspects of her life, Mama also LOVES that the whole family is involved in the SprinkledMagic business. When Mama picked up the anniversary cake early in the morning, Sarah’s dad answered the door in his robe and introduced himself as the company COO. He was ADORABLE.

Since my arrival, cake has been very much off the menu. Despite everyone telling Mama that hiding sweet treats from kids just makes them more attractive, she truly believes that she can shield me from the evils of sugar until I’m 21. This gets increasingly difficult at family events when Grandma is on the prowl and desperate to sneak Smarties into my hot little hand. We had my cousin’s 3rd birthday at the weekend, so Mama cleverly avoided getting in a bust up with the MIL by asking Sarah to make some reduced-sugar cupcakes. They were still absolutely yummy but with way less sugar and only a tiny bit of naughty icing, perfectly acceptable as a treat for even the youngest diner. Plus they were decorated with piccies of every 3 year old’s favourite things: Disney Cars, Thomas the Tank Engine, and of course the iPhone!


If you’re looking for any kind of cake, whether it’s for a party or a corporate event, we strongly recommend Sprinkled Magic! If my 20 month opinion isn’t enough, we hope our discount will help convince you. We are very happy to offer all readers of our blog a 15% discount with the code BIGBABYBELLY.

Finally, we have a GREAT competition when one reader can win 6 stunning rose cupcakes! They are Sarah’s signature cake and taste as good as they look. Please note that these cupcakes are very delicate, so can only be delivered within London.


Hot Pink Wellingtons

37 thoughts on “COMPETITION! Win cupcakes from SprinkledMagic PLUS a yummy discount code

  1. They look absolutely gorgeous, lovely to share with my daughter and her friends. Thanks for running this lovely giveaway.


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