A Very Sustainable Lunch with H&M

A big BRAVO to Fotografiska, a hub of photographic creativity in Stockholm where we  recently witnessed some cracking initiative with regards to food waste.

As you know, we love to eat, but making elaborate meals often results in lots of very sad food waste. This is particularly difficult for restaurants and venues that cater for large groups of people and are subject to very stringent health and safety guidelines.

Mama had the pleasure of attending the H&M Change Makers Lab earlier this month, which took place in the stunning Fotografiska museum. Mama is a seasoned conference goer and knows the deal for refreshments: a breakfast of sugary danish pastries to wake everyone up for the opening speech, chicken in a mystery sauce plus frissee salad and ranch dressing for lunch, olives and nuts to soak up the white wine at the evening reception. All perfectly acceptable, but not particularly delicious and plenty of waste!

She was therefore delighted when everyone sat down for lunch and a rather dapper chef explained that in keeping with the sustainability theme of the conference, the kitchen had intercepted some food from yesterday that was due to be thrown away and repurposed it into a delicious vegetarian meal. Mama is always telling Daddy that food one day past its best before date is totally safe, but he is yet to be convinced! According to the Fotografiska chef, food can actually taste better the day after it’s prepared because the flavours become even more intense. In fact, we think it tastes better because you know it’s been rescued from the bin! Are we weird for thinking that way?!

Check out this menu – doesn’t it look delicious?


The root dumplings were our favourite (mama had three which meant she nodded off during the afternoon session).


Strawberries, pickled mushrooms and lingonberries – what a wonderfully Scandinavian combination!


Does this look like your typical corporate lunch?



Hot Pink Wellingtons
The Pramshed

4 thoughts on “A Very Sustainable Lunch with H&M

  1. I’m in complete agreement – so many dishes taste better the next day, the flavours seem to deepen overnight. It sounds like a really interesting menu and looks wonderful – I’d totally have gone for the dumplings too! Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

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  2. Both my brother’s are trained chefs and I’ve learned to ignore all “best by” dates. They told me it’s just a way to get people to throw out longer use items (ketchup, mustard) and have to buy more. As long as it smells, looks, and tastes ok I will use it! #fortheloveofBLOG


  3. Ooh, that food looks absolutely amazing! I’m always a bit disappointed with conference food to be honest – I end the day feeling bloated and regretful! But this looks incredible. Thanks for linking up to ##fortheloveofblog, hope to see you again next week x


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