Hi, my name’s Flynn* and I’m a toddler living in Notting Hill, London. I live with my super cool mum and dad, Mama and Daddy, and I have an extended staff of my beloved nanny, Chef Anna, and Mama’s parents who live a ten-minute stroll down the road.

I have strong opinions on lots of things – the best soft play centre in West London, where to pick up a snappy outfit for under 10 quid – but really what defines me is my love of food. Seriously, I ADORE IT!

I’ve been a pretty enthusiastic eater right from day one. During my first weeks on earth, I liked to indulge in two-hour breastfeeds at one-hour intervals around the clock, until one day Mama read that Gina Ford book and decided she too knackered to put up with my late night banquets any longer.

My true love of all things gourmet, however, really kicked in when the real food started. Since then, I have enthusiastically munched down three large meals a day, and it’s AWESOME. I’m a highly discerning little eater, and I like to give my opinion LOUDLY and CLEARLY, so I’ve started this blog to discuss my favourite recipes, snacks and of course the best restaurants to grab a 5pm dinner and a comfy high chair.

*I have decided not to reveal my surname as I frequent the London restaurant scene pretty regularly, and I would hate to get any special treatment. I want to get the same experience as all my other baby friends out there, so it’s necessary for me to remain anonymous. I also sneakily disguise my selfies – I would hate for a waiter to recognise my round generic baby face and give me extra chips with my chicken. That just wouldn’t be fair.

Our weaning journey

I don’t want to bore anyone with a wholesome account of all the fresh fruit purees my Mama lovingly prepared, but for the record, I started eating “real food” at 5.5 months, and my parents (ok, Mama) followed the Gina Ford Little Baby Book of Weaning basically to the letter. This meant starting with baby rice (not sure what on earth that was, but it tastes nothing like the chicken and mushroom risotto I had last night), moving on to fruit and veggie purees, timed and measured with typical Ford precision.

Mama did indeed prepare these all lovingly, and before I knew it the freezer was filled with neatly labelled sweet potato ice cubes, which everyone found HYSTERICAL because she has cooked for Daddy approximately twice a year, and even then she only ever makes salmon and veg, which he doesn’t even like that much. I am also lucky enough to have an amazing Italian nanny who is a trained professional chef, so frankly I’m slightly spoilt.

Once Mama felt brave enough to venture outside the realms of Gina, we moved on to the Ella’s Kitchen Purple book, and we got to eat all kinds of yumminess together. These days I eat EVERYTHING and ANYTHING. And I can’t wait to share my strong opinions with you!

Me having my very first taste of wallpaper paste, aka baby rice, with Chef Anna