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Bath, Book, Bed: simple steps to a better night’s sleep (according to Daddy Pig)

It seems that lots of our friends have very young babies at the moment, and inevitably most new parents want to discuss the same things. The birth, naturally, gets a lot of airtime, as does feeding. Most of all, parents want to know when oh when they will sleep again! As one of Mama’s friends… Continue reading Bath, Book, Bed: simple steps to a better night’s sleep (according to Daddy Pig)

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We dropped the bottle (and it didn’t hurt at all)

I’ve always been a big fan of my lovely squishy Avent baby bottle. Right from the start I could happily swap from boob to bottle, and then once Mama went on permanent boob strike I joyfully sucked down my evening milk for the last 18 months. The discussion at our one year health visitor appointment was fairly… Continue reading We dropped the bottle (and it didn’t hurt at all)

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Very Berrylicious Grilled Blue Cheese

Here’s a simple recipe for a slightly decadent but very delicious brunch. Mama is massive fan of sweet and savoury dishes, and this is the closest she’s going to get to the pre-veggie days of blueberry pancakes with streaky bacon. Mmmm. Anyway, our Very Berryicious Grilled Blue Cheese is yummy and seriously easy – let… Continue reading Very Berrylicious Grilled Blue Cheese

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Let’s stop wasting good food!

It’s no secret that MA-MA and I love to eat. But what we feel equally passionate about is avoiding food waste. It’s absolutely shocking, but unfortunately we’re almost all guilty of throwing away a lot of perfectly edible food. Every year, 1/3 of all food produced is thrown away, about 1.3 billion tonnes. If you… Continue reading Let’s stop wasting good food!

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Restaurant review: Anar Persian on Portobello

As previously mentioned, MA-MA is a proud half-Egyptian and a strong embracer of everything that entails: love of cats, afternoon siestas and extreme over-packing on holiday. Despite being the most English man alive, Dadada loves his warm Egyptian in-laws and has embraced Middle Eastern culture, especially the tasty food. His favourites are falafel (officially Egyptian… Continue reading Restaurant review: Anar Persian on Portobello